Announcing Jorgensen Gallery

So many people have told me that Salida is a magical place. I have to say that after living here for less than a year, I agree with this statement.

It makes sense that we moved here at the end of 2018, my proclaimed magical year, thus creating a continuing cycle of manifestation (at least, this is what I like to tell myself, so don’t ruin it for me.) I’ve been painting in our detached garage, which I’ve shared with the Mini, all our tools and work bench, 5 bikes and roughly 7 pairs of skis. It was fun at first getting to work at home again with a separate space for my studio. We like to hang out in the garage on summer evenings throwing darts. Then, winter came. And by February I was done with the garage and fantasizing about finding a heated studio somewhere in town.

One cold night in March, I did an online search to see what was available and what to expect for rent. I wasn’t picturing a retail space, but after thinking about it, it made sense to follow the example of so many successful artists who have galleries in Downtown Salida.

There was just one studio available on Craigslist, and it was perfect. Seriously – the location, size, everything about it. I pictured myself working in that space with its wood floors, tin ceiling, brick walls and cute little corner door. It’s small but has a gas stove. It’s heated. And the building’s owner is a cool raft guide named Farrah. I now have a studio space that will double as a gallery in downtown Salida.

I’m grateful for this opportunity and my stomach is jumping with excitement. Pinch me. And let’s have a party.

Leslie Jorgensen Fine Art
120 W 1st Street, Salida CO 81201
Opening Reception: Thurs, May 16 2019, 6-9pm


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