Art of the Backcountry 2020 Edition

I just published a new edition of my portfolio book Art of the Backcountry. The book contains selected paintings from the Art of the Backcountry series from 2017-2020 and includes some recent landscape paintings from this year. The book starts with the first painting I did after the COVID shutdown happened in March of 2020. It’s called Icefall Lodge – it’s a painting of backcountry skiers who have taken their final run of the day and they’re switching gear to skin up to the hut to take shelter for the night. This was my way of paying tribute to a really great ski season that had to end too soon. When we look back on this tumultuous time, we’ll remember that while we can’t choose what happens to us, we can always choose how we respond.

Art of the Backcountry is $19.99, which includes shipping within the U.S.

You Can Buy it Here


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