Art In Situ

Art In-Situ means art shown in its surroundings or created for a specific location. So this is a slightly silly joke because in-“sit”u in this case has to do with the reading room. But quite honestly, I’ve never been so happy to have one of my paintings in a bathroom! As I think about it, though, one of my favorite paintings I’ve ever bought hangs over my bathroom sink. It’s a little painting of a mangrove tree by artist Terrance Cope and it reminds me of Florida, where the mangroves are the connective tissue that hold together seashores. I get to look at it every day and it reminds me of home.

When architect Brett Johnson and his wife Celeste came to Salida recently, they purchased a bold piece I’d recently created called Secret Stash. They had just remodeled the powder room and WOW, what a beautiful space! I just had to share these images that show his incredible talent for color and materiality (including the art mirror he designed and created.) Also in the space is a cold wax painting by Taos artist Mary Stratton. I wanted to share these really beautiful shots. Makes me want to redecorate.

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