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Art of the Backcountry is my way of finding the space between abstract and landscape and expressing what makes me feel most alive. This series is based on my experiences backcountry skiing in the pristine places of the Colorado Rockies. I’m inspired by the forces of nature in the changing wind, light, shadows and color of the landscape. There is risk and reward here. For me, these mountains, rocks, trees and snow have a breath and life of their own. I find exhilaration in climbing by my own power to an awe-inspiring place with little or no human structures. No safety net. It can take hours to get to a place where you take just a single ski run down. But the journey is worth it. These places are defiantly large, untamed and amazing. [To see pricing, visit my Store in the Menu above.]

Hiking In 24"x36" Oil on Canvas

Winter Trek 30"x30" Acrylic on Canvas

Hiking the Cornice 30"x30" Acrylic on Canvas

Rocky Mountain National Park_36x72, Triptych - Acrylic on Plywood

Leap 48"x24" Mixed media on canvas

Sidecountry Shadows, 24x30 Oil on Linen

Snowy Tetons, 12x24" Acrylic on plywood panel

New Year's Eve on Hahn's Peak

Loveland Pass 11x14" Acrylic on Canvas

Amphitheater 24x48" Acrylic on Reclaimed Wood Panel

Climbing Willy's Wide 40" x 30" Acrylic on Canvas

View from Sublet 14x11" Oil on canvas

Early Morning on Mt Yale

Boreas Pass, 24" x 18" Acrylic on Canvas

Expanse 24x36" Acrylic on Canvas

Cornices at Mayflower Gulch 24"x24" Acrylic on Plywood

Mayflower Peaks 11x14" Acrylic on canvas

Hallette's Peak 11x14" Acrylic on canvas

Vail Pass Abstract 24x18", Acrylic on Canvas

Mayflower Gulch Trail 11x14" Acrylic on Canvas

First Tracks 24x24" Acrylic on wood panel