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I love to bike both on roads and trails. Bikes are freeing – they take us places by our own power and we can take time to see the scenery (which in Colorado is pretty amazing). I use this series as an artistic exercise, experimenting with new media and color combinations using the bike in various “poses.” The results are just plain fun.

PurpleGrn Schwinn 8x8" Acrylic on Canvas

Green Tri Bike 8x8" Acrylic on Panel

Blue and Yellow Townie 8x8" Acrylic on Panel

Side Roadie 8x8" Acrylic on Panel

Blue MTB 8x8" Acrylic on Panel

Aqua Roadie 8x8" Acrylic on Panel

Yellow Red Roadie 8x8" Acrylic on panel

Purple Kickstand 8x8" Acrylic on panel

Red and Blue Schwinn 6x8" Acrylic on Panel

Roadie Top View 6x8" Acrylic on Panel

Blue Roadie 6x8" Acrylic on Panel

6x8" Yellow Tri Bike 6x8" Acrylic on Canvas