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This abstract work embodies an expansive time for me. It is exploration of color, texture and movement and pushing my own boundaries.

Summer in Crested Butte 48"x66" acrylic and chalk on Canvas

Vail Pass 48"x66" acrylic on Canvas

Road Kill, 36" x 48" Oil on Canvas

Backcountry Abstract, 24" x 18" Mixed Media on Panel

Taos, 30"x24" Acrylic on Plywood

Ochre 30" x 24" Acrylic on Plywood

No. 5 in Red, 40" x 30", Oil on canvas

The Self Becoming, 30x24" Acrylic on canvas (cfg)

Bierstadt, 20x16, Acryllic on canvas

Autumn Arriving 28x22" Acrylic on canvas

Red Meditation, 20x16" Acrylic on canvas

Solstice, 20x16" Acrylic on Canvas (cfg)

A Walk on Walnut St, 18x24 Acrylic on canvas

Winter Rhythm, 36x42" Diptych, Mixed Media on 2 panels (SOLD)

Riding on Dean's Motorcycle, 24x18" Mixed Media on panel

Conversation of Trees, Mixed media on panel, 24x48"

Rhythm in Blue, 25x37" Mixed Media on paneL

Water Under the Bridge, 18x24" Mixed Media on Panel

Winter's Hush, 24x24" Mixed media on panel (SOLD)

Story, 21x16" | Oil on plywood

Delicate Balance 24x18" Mixed Media on Panel

Erector Spinae, Mixed Media, 48x36", Mixed media on panel

Study in Grey, 16x12

Hidden Red Circle, 24x18, Mixed Media on panel

Grey Crosses, Oil on Canvas, 24x36"

Alluvial, 36x24 Oil on canvas

Geography of Rain, 36x48" Oil on canvas

Fossil, 48x36" Oil on canvas

Green Canyon 10x8" painted en plein air Acrylic on panel

The Canyon 21x16" Acrylic on Plywood